Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

When is SIP & SAVOR Pasadena?

SIP & SAVOR Pasadena takes place December 28th, December 29th, and December 30th, 2019.

Where is the event happening?

SIP & SAVOR Pasadena will take place in Lot I of the Rose Bowl Stadium, in Pasadena's Arroyo Seco.

Where do I buy tickets?

Buy tickets online by clicking the 'Buy Tickets' button on this website!

Are children allowed at the event?

Yes! SIP & SAVOR Pasadena is an event for guests of all ages.

Are pets allowed at the event?

Pets are not allowed into the event.

The only exception is for ADA registered animals. Proof of registration will be required.

Where do I park?

Parking details will be available soon.

Where can I see the full lineup of eateries, wineries, breweries, and entertainment at 2019 SIP & SAVOR?

Our website and social media channels will be your best source for the latest information on our 2019 lineups.

You can also sign up for our e-newsletter to have updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Is there a lost and found?

Visit any Guest Services counter so our event staff can assist you with your lost or stolen items.

ADA Access & Accommodations

SIP & SAVOR Pasadena strives to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. As such, this open air festival is accessible to all guests. Our seating areas are designed to accommodate guests in wheelchairs and other disabilities. SIP & SAVOR Pasadena is ADA compliant, including an accessible entrance and restrooms.

For more information, please visit the Guest Services Tent during operational hours. Services offered at the Guest Services Tent include, but are not limited to:

  • Answers to questions specific to the ADA Access Program
  • Information relevant to our guests with disabilities

Guests with Mobility Limitations

  • The SIP & SAVOR Pasadena grounds are ADA accessible, but please note the event does take place in an outdoor environment with some uneven surfaces.
  • SIP & SAVOR Pasadena does not provide personal care, golf cart rides, or push services of any kind or wheelchairs for rent or loan.
  • Guests should make arrangements in advance if a wheelchair is needed and plan to bring an attendant, if needed.
  • Motorized vehicles, such as Segways and golf carts, are not allowed.
  • Accessible portable toilets are available next to each row of restrooms within the event grounds.

Special Dietary Needs

  • Outside food and drink is not allowed in the event, but if a guest has special medical dietary restrictions, pre-packaged items will be allowed if accompanied by a doctor’s note. Guests will be asked to present your doctor’s note to security upon entry to the event.
  • A guest requiring insulin is allowed to bring his or her medically necessary materials and medications provided all medicine has a prescription label with the guest’s name. Out of concern for the event staff who handle the trash, guests are expected to dispose of medical waste and syringes in the proper disposal located at the EMS Services tent. Please do not dispose of these items in other trash bins at the event.

Service Animals at SIP & SAVOR Pasadena

  • Service animals are permitted throughout the event grounds; however this does not include emotional support animals, therapy animals, or companion animals.
  • Only legitimate service animals will be allowed within the event footprint. Pets are not allowed and will be turned away.
  • If you are bringing a service animal, make sure to check in at the Main Entrance with a Ticketing Lead for registration. Only legitimate service animals that are properly trained and under the proper care of their owners will be provided with the appropriate credentials.
  • All service animals must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.
  • Anyone bringing an animal will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.
  • Service animal inquiries can be sent to

Restrictions & Prohibited Items

SIP & SAVOR Pasadena is committed to the safety and security of all patrons in the park.

ALL bags will be searched before entry. Bags will be restricted to small purses, totes and drawstring bags only. Bag size may not exceed 14” x 11” x 5” (35cm x 28cm x 12cm) and must have no more than one singular pocket or opening. Backpacks and bags with multiple pockets are prohibited. Patrons should be prepared to have their bags searched each time they enter the festival and should plan for extra time to get through security.

Please note: There is no smoking of any kind on event grounds.

Prohibited Items:

  • Bags will be restricted to small purses and draw string bags and may not exceed 14″ x 11″ x 5″ (35cm x 28cm x 12cm).
  • Backpacks and bags with multiple pockets are prohibited.
  • E-Cigs or Vaping devices
  • Aerosol containers (including sunscreen and personal beauty products)
  • Any and all professional audio recording equipment
  • Any and all professional video equipment – no video recording will be allowed
  • Professional cameras (any camera with the option to detach a lens)
  • Any and all camera accessories, such as selfie sticks, tripods, monopods, go pro mounts and attachments, detachable lenses, or other commercial equipment
  • Drones or any other remote flying device
  • Coolers of any kind (exceptions may be made for medical use)
  • Glass containers of any kind
  • Firearms, explosives, and weapons of any kind (including pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc.)
  • Illegal and Illicit substances of any kind
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Outside food or beverage (including alcohol) of any kind, except 2 factory sealed bottles of water (up to 1 liter each)
  • Professional-grade radios or walkie-talkies
  • Pets (except ADA registered animals – proof of registration required)

Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors are not allowed. No unauthorized solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, giveaways, samples, etc.